Revealing Hidden International Payment Costs

While the evolution of e-banking has given both individuals and businesses the opportunity to send their money across the world quickly and safely, the traditional methods of making global payments online are still plagued with the prevalence of hidden fees and charges.

Author Steve Lemon 19/08/2014


Romain Mazeries, Managing Director of MANGOPAY, a payments solution built specifically for crowdfunding platform and online marketplaces, the collaborative economy and why he chose to partner with Currency Cloud

Author Romain Mazeries 12/08/2014

The History of International Payment Solutions

Thanks to the meteoric rise of the internet and the ever-increasing coverage of reliable broadband, speedy communications and online transactions are a hallmark of modern society. While it’s true that there are often severe difficulties and barriers to overcome when moving money around the world, with the right help...

Author Todd Latham 11/08/2014

UK exports that have managed to break the US

The Beatles; the Stones; U2 and now… One Direction. The list of UK exports that have managed to break the USA is an illustrious one. And short! Why? Perhaps the Americans just don’t ‘get’ Brits’ musical tastes.

Author Todd Latham 16/07/2014